Welcome to our buying, selling, trading, meeting, greeting and networking place for bead lovers, bead workers, bead jewelry designers, and bead makers who want life to be filled with beads, pieces, people and more.

I have loved artwork and the arts for a lifetime and now I am finally in the bead and arts business. My motto is, I've never met a bead I didn't love. My mission is to educate, promote the enjoyment and understanding of beads, beadwork and the arts. My purpose is to sell the beads and art that I have so lovingly collected, so that others may enjoy them and then I can buy more!

There are many more items which will be added to the site, so add us to your favorites and visit every so often to see them.

If we do not have what you want, we will try to help you find it. Click here, on Events and News link for bead and art info. We welcome your questions and input. Check the links page for links to other sites.

Here's what we have to offer:

African Trade
A term used primarily for beads originally made in Murano or Venice.
Ancient Beads and Pieces
Neolothic, Chinese, Old Islamic, Warring States, Roman Glass, Pre-Colombian, African Trade
Items over 100 years old.
Art Clay Products
Wow! Are we excited about Art Clay Silver and Gold and Copper. This is an amazing medium, limited only by your imagination. Contact us for information, class schedules and prices.
Beaded Bags
Bags made from various materials, which can include fabrics, leather, or just beads. Many of the bags are made from vintage beads and materials.
Collection Of Arts
Collection of Arts Includes African Art and textiles, wearable art, glassware, finished jewelry to include antique, vintage, ethnic, and mixed media, artifacts, and a treasure trove of articles from the world markets, as we find them.
Lampwork, glass, semi-precious/stone, organic (i.e., bone, shell, amber, seed pods), ceramic and some components and supplies
Copper pieces may be folded, woven, flamed, or with patina
Ethnic items from various cultural areas
Components needed to assemble jewelry such as clasps, spacer beads, bead caps, etc.
Finished Jewelry
A completed piece that is ready to wear.
Glass beads are highly prized thoughout the world. Many areas of the world are known for their high quality glass beads like Venetian, Czech, African trade and others. The Glass category includes tiny seedbeads to large lampwork glass beads.
Gold items in various Carats
Metal Beads
Metal Beads including Brass, Copper and other metal types
Organic items - animal, vegetable, but not minerals
Freshwater and Salt water pearls
Rocks, Gems, Minerals & Fossils
Rock specimens, fine gems, mineral specimens and fossils
Roman Glass Beads & Pieces
Ancient Roman Glass found in pieces, shards and beads. These glass pieces are best viewed with ight from behind the bead or piece to display the beautiful colors and iridescence.
Rugs and Furniture
Unusual rugs and rare furniture from around the world.
Natural material, not gem quality. Diamond, emerald, etc, - precious. Agate, jasper, Peruvian opal, chrysoprase, lapis, onyx, chalcedony, quartz etc, semi-precious. Unpolished & primitive beads, African Amazonite & excavated, ancient & fossil mats - stone
Silver items including SS, SP, Bali and other types of Silver items
Don't miss these! A "heads up" on items priced below current market value, for a variety of reasons. Could be an overstock, we got a great deal, we might be watching it become an antique, or we are almost ready to give it away & we will do that sometimes!
Stone Sculpture
Carved Stone Sculptures
Vintage Glass, acrylic, bakelite, celluloid, and organic material from Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, Bavaria, Japan, Africa, the USA and probably some other places that I am not thinking about now